I think we should donate to charity. There are many reasons why.                                                1) we have more than we need and homeless people don’t even have food or shelter.         […]

I agree with the statement “this house believes that the voting age should be lowered to 16”. The reason why is because if you have the right to have sex at sixteen then you should be allowed to vote at sixteen too. Also if you pay taxes and work at sixteen it makes you a […]

There was an article saying that we should give sixteen year olds a chance to vote. At that age they should be responsible to vote and have right to vote.

Space exploration is a waste of time because you waste your money on that,which is not that important and you dont waste money on things that are more inportant in earth. People in africa need money. They are really poor and they barely eat. And you decide to waste a lot of money and time […]

Daniel soliloquy from Joel North on Vimeo.

Why are teenagers so irresponsible?

People who are sixteen are too young to vote

Adults should not call teenagers lazy as it is not their fault. It is due to the melatonin kicking in late. Melatonin is a hormone that makes our body shut down. For adults it kicks in at ten but for teenagers it kicks in at one o’clock. We all know that teenagers need to sleep […]

I disagree with the statement “all Teens are lazy monsters”. When they finish school they are exhausted, having been at school for eight hours. So this means they should be having a long rest when getting home after working so hard at school. Teenagers have more emotions and feelings than most of us, so they […]

2015  Marks our centenary, A hundred year strong history Of boys dreaming to sail the high seas And navigating on the docks Proud men who stand for love, bravery and courage To face the fears of life   The headmaster of this school is Mr Dastagir, Who has formed a close knit family of 650 […]